Know us a little more

Boutique Canina is born willing to create beautiful models for pets in a 100% handmade way with all our love and dedication.

This project is born by the huge love we feel for the hairy little pets, combined with our passion for sewing and the desire to create unique and unrepeatable garments for each of your 4-legged companions.

In this online store you will find a wide variety of garments (dresses, sets, shirts …) and accessories (hats, bows, scarves, caps …) for your pet. The best of all this is that they are unique products as they are handmade by hand with quality raw materials.

Another strength of our garments is that, all the materials used to make them come from local businesses, so we promote the local economy. In addition, most of our garments are made of cotton, since we are committed to the reduced and limited use of polyester because of its environmental impact.

For us, each elaborated product is unique, since each of our clients are unique and special. That is why we put all our love in each garment sent. And if you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.